Our quick and comfortable laser hair removal offers long-lasting results so you can say goodbye to unwanted hair, razor burn and bear bumps for good.


How it works: laser beam targets the chromophore (melanin in hair), the energy  transfers to heat that permanently burns the follicle (more precisely the papilla which nourishes the hair). When you cut the hairs nourishment/food source, hair no longer grows. However multiple sessions are required, as hair goes through a cycle (not always being attached to “papilla”). We need the hair to be in the Anagen/active phase (attached to the papilla). Different hair on our bodies will be in different parts of the cycle, but there is no way for us to tell which hair is in Anagen phase. The hair’s cycle lasts roughly a year, so we recommend about 6-8 sessions per area, spaced 6-8 weeks, spaced throughout 1 year, and covering majority of hair in Anagen phase.

How it feels: with the diolaze, there is little to no pain on larger areas. Areas with coarse/thick hair will be a little more stingily and may feel like pinpoint zaps where the hair is located. The ultrasound gel and cooling tip help make the treatment easier to endure, however be advised no Laser hair removal treatment is completely comfortable.

What to expect after each session: 5-20% permanent hair reduction per session. That percentage, of course varies on hair’s cycles.

How should I prepare for my appointment? : please come freshly shaved. No waxing for at least 4 weeks before laser. Don’t apply lotion or deodorants on the day of treatment. Avoid Retinol, AHA’s or any active ingredients to the area of treatment for at least 2 days prior to treatment. Stay out of the sun 3-4 weeks before your appointment. And always wear spf during your treatment series.