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INMODE's BodyFX device is revolutionizing the aesthetic industry as an innovative and long-term solution for fat and skin tightening. BodyFX is a safe, powerful body contouring device that combines non-invasive radio frequency energy and other technologies to reduce fat and improve skin laxity, texture, and tone. With its deep and even heating, the device works through adipose tissue, stimulating fibroblasts in the underlying dermis, leading to tighter and thicker skin.

BodyFX is designed to narrow and tighten targeted body areas with high specificity, enabling clinicians to tailor treatments to the patient’s individual needs. This device also offers natural, dramatic, and long-term results with just three sessions over the course of a few weeks. Patients often report an immediate tightening sensation on the treated skin, with full fat reduction effects visible within two months.

6 sessions are recommended per area for roughly 35% fat reduction. A healthy diet and active lifestyle are recommended for better and long lasting results!