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Fire and ice facial

Are you looking for a luxurious spa experience that will turn back the clock and give you a boost of radiance that’s perfect for a special event or evening? Then it’s time for a Fire and Ice Facial, proudly offered by iS Clinical!

This red-carpet facial is a celebrity favorite and is available in spas across the country, now offered locally in Maple Ridge, BC. It is designed to deeply exfoliate and revitalize the skin, leaving the face feeling firmer and brighter than before. Not to mention, it’s perfectly tailored to each individual’s skin type and needs.

The first step of the facial is the “Fire” portion. During this phase, your skin will be deeply cleansed and exfoliated with a combination of medical-grade ingredients. Enzymes, glycolic and lactic acid, actives and vitamins are used to dissolve and sweep away debris, dullness, and unwanted skin cells, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion.

The second step of the facial is the “Ice” portion. During this phase, cooling serums, masks, and moisturizing creams and lotions are massaged into the skin. The combination of ingredients works to tone, nourish and restore the skin’s health - giving it an almost instant lift, hydration, and a luminous finish. We pair this with a soothing ice globe massage to depuff and relax the skin!

Finally, the entire treatment will be finished off with a nourishing face cream/SPF to hydrate and protect the newly revealed skin.

The Fire and Ice Facial is truly the perfect addition to your beauty routine - especially before a big night out. Not only will you feel refreshed and glowing, but due to the intense exfoliation, your makeup will go on smoother and last longer. And since there’s no downtime associated with the facial, it’s the perfect way to get an instant boost without having to worry about any negative side effects.

So, if you’re looking for an indulgent spa facial that’s designed to give your face a boost of red carpet-worthy radiance, iS Clinical’s Fire and Ice Facial is the perfect treatment for you. So book your appointment today!


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