Skin Health is more than whats on the surface.The bela md Skin Health Platform takes popular treatments, such as serum infusion and diamond microdermabrasion, to the next level with the latest results-driven technology and serum advancements. Antioxidant hydrogen water infusion, electroporation for enhanced serum delivery, and muscle stimulation to tone and boost circulation, elevate the treatment experience and the results. 


Each BELA MD bio-infusion serum is designed to target common skin concerns, while providing an overall improvement in skin quality with multi-functional ingredient blends. Advanced encapsulation technology protects serum ingredients and stability, while enhancing penetration to boost results. 

• Reduce excess oil
• Calm & soothe skin
• Restore optimal hydration
• Restore skin barrier function
• Boost hydration
• Reduce TEWL
• Improve firmness and elasticity


• Antioxidant action
• Soothe skin
• Improve texture
• Brighten complexion
• Reduce signs of skin fatigue
• Reduce photo-damage
• Brighten complexion
• Even skin tone

 BELA DELUXE (55 min) The Bela Deluxe facial is an hour long facial which includes all that Bela MD system has to offer, such as diamond dermabrasion, serum extraction, customized serum infusion, muscle stimulation for toning and lifting, hydrogen water infusion for antioxidant boosting, and electroporation which helps serums penetrate deeper in the skin. Bela Deluxe is recommended for anyone wanting a deep clean, and looking to maintain healthy skin.


BELA TOTAL (1hr 45min) The Bela Total package takes the Bela Deluxe to a new level. This facial is recommended if you need extra exfoliation, extractions, and extra serums. This facial includes 20 minutes of LED Light therapy for collagen stimulation, and a hydrojelly mask for additional hydration benefits

Bela indications: congested, uneven, dry skin, keratosis pilaris, and acne. Recommended once a month for the maintenance of healthy skin