"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
       My name is Adiola and I am the founder of MY SKIN SPOT. I have a diploma in medical aesthetics and a background in psychology and biology. Growing up I always wanted to work in the medical field, but I also wanted to start my own business. I started my brand the moment I graduated my Medical Aesthetics program.

        I love this industry because you never stop learning and sharing information. My clients have become some of my dearest friends, and I love being able to educate them about science and skincare. I have worked in the service industry since I was 19 and building close relationships is very important to me.

       My approach to business is based on customization and creativity; Whats for one client may not be for the next. I wish to provide a positive and pro-active environment, and urge clients to be the best version of themselves.

        Apart from services, MY SKIN SPOT is partnered with various Skin care brands. Our products are selectively chosen, effective and clinical grade. We are always looking for more to add to the list. The vision is for this website to be a one stop shop for all your skincare needs. Please feel free to CONTACT US, and we can make personalized recommendations for your skin type and your budget. We prefer to educate you, before we sell to you.