Body Contouring

           Our body contouring device BodyFX, is a non-invasive device which offers localized fat reduction, circumferential reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Radio-frequency Thermal heating and electroporation causes permanent fat reduction and contraction of the skin, resulting in a slimmer, smoother overall appearance. A series of 6-8 sessions spaced 1-2 week apart is recommended for optimal results. Each session will give you approx. 5-7% fat reduction, and 1-2% collagen production in the treated area. Results can be seen as early as a few days later to a couple months later. A healthy diet and exercise is recommended to maintain your results"

One sess - $250 (5-7% reduction in treatment area
Pack of 6 - $1300 (30% reduction treatment area
Pack of 8 - $1500 (40% reduction in treatment  area)