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          Honey is one of those things I cant live without. Its' beneficial properties, versatility and multiple uses, and of course its divine flavour and texture hold a very special place in my heart


  • Honey doesn't go bad. When sealed airtight, it has an eternal shelf-life. Its anti-bacterial and a natural preservative.

  • Bees work hard in the warmer months, to make excess honey to last them through the winter. A productive bee hive makes 2-3x the honey it needs to survive through winter. There's enough honey to go around for all of us!
  • Honey is high calorie food that gives us energy. It's been around for thousands of years, throughout many different cultures. One can say, Its an evolutionarily advantage to seek foods such as honey, because they give us energy to be more productive, while satisfying that sweet tooth too.

  • Honey is great for the environment as we depend on bees to pollinate crops. Bee's sustain not only themselves, but the entire world.


    •  Apply on cuts and scrapes and wounds and burns. Remember honey is antibacterial, and natures natural antibiotic. When applied on skin, it creates seal /protective layer that keeps pathogens out. 

    • Have a teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach. This will not only give you energy, but you'll also ingest the enzymes (which help with digestion) and antibacterial properties.

    • Add honey and lemon to your herbal tea of choice for immune support. Honey is the most common and one of the oldest sore throat relief & cough relief remedies 

    • If you have an apocolypse/survival kit, make sure to include alot of honey, as it has multiple uses and it never goes bad ! Its nutritious, gives energy, can be applied on wounds and even bare skin.


            Manuka honey comes from the Manuka bush native to Australia and New Zealand. Hydrogen peroxide in generic honey is what gives it the antibiotic properties, but there are other properties in some forms of honeys, for example the Manuka honey, that make it more potent and medicinal. Manuka honey contains great amounts of Methylglyoxal (MG) making it far more beneficial than standard honey (also more expensive). If you want a high quality honey, the higher he MG rating, the better the honey.



    iS CLINICAL Warming Honey Cleanser A luxurious and sensory experience. If you love honey, you'll love this! This cleanser helps seal moisture into the skin leaving the skin look plump and hydrated. It contains enzymes that provide subtle exfoliation, without stripping or leaving the skin dry. 

    A little backstory..
          In my culture, honey is regarded as natural medicine, and is used in many ways. I was raised in Albania and spent alot of time with My grandparents, who were farmers and harvested/made 100% of the food we ate. Their small village was surrounded by gardens full of fresh fruit and vegetables, cherry, apple and plum trees, grape vines slightly above your head covering our entire patio
    . Native flowers, and herbs could be seen as far as the eye could see, covering endless fields. If I told you to picture what a bees heaven would look like, this village was exactly that. My grandpa had 40 bee hives with hundreds of thousands of bees, enough to nourish our whole family. These bees produced immense amounts of high quality honey, collecting nectar by thousands of flower strains. Bees were around us at all times, in-fact being stung by a bee is one of my earliest memories. People usually fear bees due of the idea of being stung, but to me that pain is insignificant compared to the sweetness of honey itself. 


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