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Micro-needling is a popular skin-resurfacing procedure that involves tiny
needles that create micro-punctures and trigger skin’s natural healing response.
We use hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar and a water binding
molecule that holds 1000x of waters’ weight, providing many hydrating benefits
to the skin. The depth of needle penetration is adjusted deep enough to see
pinpoint bleeding, as this is an indication that the dermal layer has been reached.
The dermal layer, or 'dermis' is located under the skins epidermis, and it contains
fibroblasts which trigger the production of collagen.

This treatment is great for reducing scars, pigmentation, fine lines and
wrinkles. It’s benefits every age and every skin type. Starting in our mid 20’s,
we produce 1-2% less collagen each year.  Maintaining collagen through non-
invasive/minimally invasive procedures such as micro-needling helps keep skin
looking young recommend a series of 3 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart. (24hr



  • improves the appearance of hypotrophic scars, such as acne scars, 
        and stretch-marks 
  • reduces hyperpigmentation, PIH (Post-inflammatory Pigmentation),
    and sun-damage
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles